Tampa Screen Rooms

The Magic Wall Sunroom of Tampa is one high quality product fabricated by Solara Industries. No matter where your home is located you can enjoy all the best that the Mother Nature brings while shielding yourself from the worst. Experience the great outdoors from within the comfort of your home in a custom built Magic Wall Screen Room.

Solara Industries introduces a beautiful and affordable screen room addition that will provide your family an opportunity to bask in the beauty in your backyard surroundings and enjoy a breathtaking view while experiencing the comfort that you desire.

  • What is the sunroom design of your dreams? 
  • Would you like an at-home getaway from the downtown noise and chaos? 
  • Would you like a unique space for entertaining your family and friends? 
  • How about lounging after work in a cool, relaxing oasis? 

Solara Industries can make your dream a reality with a unique and affordable sunroom enclosure, customized to suit the architecture of your home while conforming to all your decorating preferences.

Magic Wall Sunrooms by Solara Industries Feature:

  • Gorgeous outdoor views and soaking up the sun from inside your home
  • 75% ventilation for enjoying a barrier-free view of the nature  
  • A removable wall system to open things up
  • Low-maintenance, stress-free sunroom
  • Comfort during any season
  • Outstanding quality and energy efficient with double pane climate control windows

The magic wall series allows Solara Industries to customize a sunroom for any climate, completely insulated to promote security and safety from Mother Nature.  The Magic Wall screen room is the perfect Florida room for any home, any season and any time, morning, afternoon or evening.

Solara Industries has more than 30 years of experience in providing home improvement solutions and they take pride in utilizing Magic Wall Sunrooms to transform homes for clients who wish to experience backyard living from inside.